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Gas and Electric Water Heaters Supply Facilities Maintenance

So we’re gonna size  it the same way so we want to have as  much dump load as possible for peak  demand yeah you were talking about this  is a little bit slower recovery though  and then a standard electric water  that’s a little bit slower and that’s  the trade-off with the efficiency but  the same way that we would size an  electric water heater we’ve got those  long periods of time in between where  we’re gonna recover so it’s not as  critical for quick recovery okay and I  know this has a fan on it and I know  that it does make noise this is the  quietest heat pump water heater on the  market absolutely we’ve got the Cuates  it’s 51 DBA okay 51 DBA and we looked at  what 51 DBA was and it was actually the  the sound of a quiet suburban  neighborhood so as my boss Henry James  says this water heater is as quiet as  the the quiet suburban neighborhood  you’re putting it in absolutely it does  make a little bit of noise.

It’s got a  compressor it’s got a fan so even though  it is quiet it shouldn’t give you a  whole lot of issues as far as noise you  don’t want to put in the baby’s nursery  or someplace that’s gonna be adjacent  where that noise might transfer and be  inconvenient all right now I know you  got 3d you know a few different settings  here let’s talk about the settings you  know you got efficiency hybrid electric  and vacation what does it come ship that  well we come shipped in the hybrid mode  and what that means is that we’re going  to rely heavily on the heat pump up top  okay for most of our heating but if we  need quicker recovery if we start to  drop that tank temperature we have the  option of bringing on the electric  element with the heat pumps to boost our  recovery okay.

So if you’re in a  situation such as like you know family  over or during Christmas the holidays  you can run into a situation where you  need more water so it will actually use  the heat pump and the the electric  elements in the hybrid mode yeah if  we’re marginally over what we might  normally see this is a good feature that  will give you that hot water sacrifice  it’s a little bit of efficiency and  bringing the elements on but it gives  you the hot water when you need it okay  let’s talk about efficiency mode and and  and what is it efficiency mode just runs  the heat pump section to provide  efficient really efficient heating okay  all right and and then that’s just on  the heat pump side now on the electric  obvious  it’s gonna be your electric heating  elements now if I if I put it on  electric and say I’m in a situation  where you know I’ve got family over and  I need the extra boost so I put in an  electric motor.

I’m getting the benefits  of that if I forget about it is it gonna  stay in electric mode it’s not so we we  know that this is a water heater that  you purchased this hopefully for the  efficiency or maybe with NECA one of the  benefits is the efficiency so you’re not  going to get that just running in  electric but you might like you said if  you have company over you need more hot  water everybody’s trying to take showers  on Christmas morning so what it will do  is after 48 hours it will automatically  switch back into that hybrid mode which  is the best mixture of efficiency and  giving you the the maximum recovery all  right that’s great now vacation  obviously it’s just gonna you’re gonna  set it and go on vacation and leave it  there obviously you can program this for  the vacation setting for the number of  days that you’re gonna be gone okay so  then it’ll pop back on there  on to hybrid mode when you get back yeah  so if you know that you’re gonna be  going for 14 days you tell you’re gonna  be going for 14 days you don’t have to  get that rude awakening when you get up  the next morning and getting that shower  for work and you’ve got cold water this  will automatically kick back into the  hybrid go ahead and heat that tank up  for all right great  all right.

So if I am you know if I come  to that situation where I have to have a  different technology I mean this is a  great option as a homeowner what do I  need to have in order to have a hybrid  heat well the key to the efficiency is  is having the heat in the air around us  so we want to have enough volume of air  so we recommend 700 cubic feet as a  minimum okay now we can go down to 128  cubic feet if we make accommodations  like a louvered door or louvers that are  gonna exchange air with another part of  the home so that we can provide that  heat into the air all right and and so I  got to have enough air for there for the  the heat pump to work properly  now what about water is there anything I  need to worry about on that well we’ve  got a hot in the cold there’s nothing  has changed there okay but it isn’t air  conditioning is a byproduct of the heat  pump so in air conditioning we’re going  to condense water so we do have  condensation so we’re gonna pipe that  condensate to an approved drain or maybe  to a condensate pump so that we can get  it up and it’s not flooding okay well  what about maintenance on this um is  there anything that we need to keep in  mind I mean obviously you’ve got a  filter here we’re gonna want to vacuum  that from time to time maintenance this  thing is really maintenance-free really  about every three months.

When a vacuum  this filter now if we’re in a dusty  environment or there’s a lot of lint  maybe in a laundry room that might  collect up here we might do it more  often but that’s really all the  maintenance that we need to do yeah and  you might want to check the condensate  condensate lines for blockages from time  to time you know just as as needed  probably whenever you go ahead and and  clean that off but it’s a great option  it’s a it’s an option that if you’re in  that situation where you need a new  water heater and that naked three water  heater doesn’t fit or we don’t  manufacture it anymore you know you can  look at going with a heat pump and you  know it’s it’s gonna save you money  because you know the energy factor  rating on this is the three point two  four two four which is extremely high  you’re looking at three times the  savings you know seventy one percent  over a standard conventional electric  water heater it’s a great option but  what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna  go over to the the the gas products.

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Best Tankless Water Heater

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower is the #1 Best Seller at Amazon. Once, we went to California’s Los Padres National Forest for camping, you know, it’s a big green forest and we had a good time in the daytime. But I found myself sweaty at night and I couldn’t go to sleep.

Then, the showing sound came into my ear. It was Jack who was showing. Wow, what a smart water heater! I had a good night after  a hot shower. Outdoor showing is no more a problem because of the Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower.

Just imagine, how cool it is when you take a shower after walking for a long time in the dessert or climbing. Now, I will tell you more details about the Eccotemp L5. Advantages of L5

1. Compact and portable It is always thought that the water heater can’t be easily carried here and there. But it is not the case for the 20 x 4.5 x 12 inches appliance which is really small for water heater. It is only 11 pounds and you can easily lift it with one hand. And thus you can easily heat up 1.4 gallons of water in one minute wherever there is water source.

2. Battery-powered The L5 is designed to be used outdoors and it uses two D-cell batteries to run it.  You can take a how shower even without electricity connection.

The L5 can perform as well as those big types. You can have a choice of continuous hot water from 80 to 150 degree Fahrenheit.  We didn’t need to change the batteries when we three guys stayed in California’s Los Padres National Forest for a week.

3. Easy to use and set up The L5 is easy to set up and you just need to put it on a nail and connect the water hose and the propane hose. Then you can use it. There are two controls on the L5, the water-flow dial and the gas-flow dial.  You just need to dial the gas dial to the max and adjust the water-flow dial to the best temperature for you. Apart from the above, there are also some other features of the L5.

Liquid Propane FuelMinimum Flow Rate of 0.3 Liters Per Minute Needs 20-80 PSI of water pressureA one-year limited warranty on parts Disadvantages of L5 Those there are many advantages of the L5, there are also some customers complained that the L5 might burst into flames sometimes and you really need to take care for not to get burned. Also, the L5 may not work well during windy weather.

Customer Reviews The L5 is such a good deal and it gets a high score at amazon, 4.4 out of 5 star rating which is really high. Many customers think the L5 is a lifesaver and great for that price. If you want to learn more details about the reviews … Conclusion If you want to bath your pet, if you want to take a hot shower when camping, if you want to …. I highly recommend the L5, I’m sure you will also like it after your camping.

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